Insect protection systems for doors and windows

Pleasant solutions for everyone in any case



> Clamping frame systems for windows

The DEFLEX® clamping frame system offers an optimal and discrete protection and is very easy to operate.

> Plissee systems

A very economic and attractive solution for smaller balconies as well as for wide spaced terraces.

> Swing doors

DEFLEX® always supplies the most suitable solution for individual circumstances weather for the doors of your balcony, for the doors of the terrace or for the doors of the cellar.

> Roller blind systems

You can use the insect protection as you need to. In case of need just pull the roller blind out of its case. If no more required the fabric simply disappears into its box.

> Sliding doors

Corresponding to your individual requirements DEFLEX® will provide you by long-living solutions on a highest quality level.

> Light well covers

DEFLEX® light well covers will protect you against foliage and vermin. Uncomfortable cleaning can be avoided and will save time and energy.