Sun protection systems and shading systems (indoor)

DEFLEX®-sun protection systems and shading systems complement our range.

These systems guarantee a high level of individual design concerning views inside and outside. Optimal light effects and darkening effects and improved insulation can be achieved.

Just regulate the interplay of light and shade – just as


We supply a lot of fabrics with perlex coating from which you can benefit:

  • elegant variation among the reflective coatings
  • high sun protection by pearlescent pigments
  • resistant about alkaline detergents, insects dirtiness and condensed water
  • no impact on the colours

DEFLEX®-Comb faltstore – the perfect energy-saving support

The secret is the comb: the back part of the fabric panel of the comb faltstore is flat and smooth and the forward part is attractively folded. Due to the stretched fabric in the back it is possible to the fancy takes you.

maintain a constant and stable faltstore in the front. Furthermore this kind of double layer faltstore means an effective contribution to save energy.

  • High contribution to energy savings as the combs build insulating air spaces
  • Especially suitable for darkening
  • Hidden line – no holes in the fabric
  • Even flow of the faltstore